Digital Bone Studios

We make Android games, and sometimes for iOS.

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NEW Check back for soon for details on an upcoming project we're working on. 

Trump Pinball Coming Soon!

This is going to be the greatest pinball game ever. Everyone is going to love it.

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Meet Digital Bone Studios

We are a small two man team who is in the game to have fun and hopefully make something cool, some day. Until then we'll keep on chugging away.

Bogin is our server and infrastructure guy. So basically you can say he doesn't really do much, yet. Of course that could change one day, soon, hopefully.

Nelson is the hard worker of the crew. He does all the programming and graphics. Not that he does a great job or anything, but he seems to enjoy it.

Not our actual office.

We wish we had a cool modern looking office like the photo above shows. Instead, we just work in our parents basement and come out just long enough to buy more Doritos and Mountain Dew.